Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's the real scoop on bisphenol-a?

Whether you have kids or not, you've probably noticed the recent news about bisphenol-a (BPA). It's one of the chemicals in a number of hard, clear plastic products - including some baby bottles and Nalgene water bottles. It's also the lining in many aluminum cans. There's been some research that shows toxic levels can leach into liquids inside a container made with BPA, and Canada has already banned it in baby bottles. Nalgene and Playtex have both said that they will discontinue using BPA in their products, though they claim the research to be inconclusive.

Even after reading an intelligent article in yesterday's Science Times, I tended to think that the hubbub was reactionary. Given how much I love my Nalgene bottles, and the fact that there isn't a commercially reasonable alternative for aluminum cans anyway, I wasn't going to throw out all of the Bug's hard, clear plastic bottles without there being some definitive research to base it on.

We also happened to have a pediatrician's appointment today, so we asked the Bug's doctor. His opinion was the same. The research is not definitive, there is no reason to throw out any of the Bug's bottles, and if medical opinion changes they'll let us know. By all means, if you're concerned you should consult your own doctors, but I thought I would share the medical opinion of a professional that we trust.

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