Monday, April 21, 2008

"Golf" is a four-letter word

My 2007 golf season was somewhat compromised by the Bug's arrival at the end of May. I played for the first couple of months, but I was in my third trimester. I am sure that was wildly amusing to my golf partners, but I am also quite sure that it didn't do wonders for my swing. I played one time in August, and that was it for the year.

My 2008 season began yesterday, when Joker and I went out for an early nine holes. I got frustrated only twice - at the beginning of the round, and at the end of the round. After the first lousy hole, I was better than I expected from the tee box and the fairways, with what I would classify as solidly mediocre play. But the short game, that hilarious joke played on all hack golfers, was where my hiatus really showed its stuff. My putter felt entirely foreign in my hands, as if I had never held it before, and my pitching wedge... let's just say that it is now Dead To Me. It would have served me better if it were lying at the bottom of a lake.

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