Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Evergreen Rodeo

Last year we moved here just after the town's most formidable event.  Or, at least, its biggest parade.  The Evergreen Rodeo: an actual Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association event that has taken place every Fathers' Day weekend for 46 years.

The silver medalist Water Polo pony from our  float
Despite being relatively new to town, we managed to find our way into the parade.  Not by accident, exactly, but because some friends needed partners in crime for their understaffed company float.  We dressed the kids in red, white and blue, donned our cowboy (and cowgirl) hats and handed out candy and "gold" medals to thousands of parade fans. 

The Bug started out a little timid, preferring to stay on the float and help me organize my hand-out stuff.  But by like the second turn, she had hopped off with me and was handing out medals with aplomb.  To her credit, the Bunny sat at the front of the float, held on tight and looked generally adorable.

Former rodeo queens were totally right behind us
The rodeo itself was actually quite perfect - a delightful balance of honest-to-goodness rodeo athletes, combined with small and short enough not to bore the kids to tears.  Plus, one of the Bug's best buddies rocked the casbah in the mutton busting event, which was sweet.

We are also apparently grandfathered in for float duty in years to come.  I will be sure to report back

Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping at Ruedi Reservoir

It's been 10 months since our super awesome last camping weekend at Long Draw Reservoir last summer.  We'd all had so much fun, we knew there would be more camping to come.  So while we waited for the season to arrive, we prepped.  We bought some gear, we read some books and maps.  And, perhaps even more importantly, we made some friends who also love to camp.

They invited us to join them at Ruedi Reservoir this weekend, which is east of the town of Basalt (between Aspen and Glenwood Springs).  I've driven through the spectacular Glenwood Canyon before, but was stunned by the amazing (if short - only a few miles long) canyon that the Fryingpan River has carved into red, red rock between Basalt and the reservoir.

Ruedi Reservoir itself is beautiful, and is well used by hikers, boaters and fishermen alike.  We had the pleasure of a 900-degree day (give or take), so the kids frolicked in the water and the mud while the adults attempted not to pass out in the sun. 

With the statewide fire ban, we did not get to enjoy a campfire or s'mores, but that was hardly a problem.  We brought our portable propane grill, enjoyed superb campstove breakfasts, relaxed and just hung out.  Although it cooled off quickly when the sun went down, it was pleasant enough to stay up late, drinking beer and shooting the breeze.  And whatever the reason, even the Bunny slept perfectly under the stars.

Thanks again to the Baxters for including us!  We are already looking forward to our next camping trips!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jigsaw scheduling

Holy crap!  Trying to figure out our weekday summer schedule was almost a joke.  We need full-time kid care.  I have a couple of constituents I had to keep in mind, in addition to the kids themselves.  (We have an awesome babysitter who we want to give enough hours that she keeps thinking we're the best job ever.  We have a daycare provider who is also awesome and we need to stay on her good side.)  Plus, wherever possible, efficiencies (of time, driving, money) are nice.

The "schedule" that I finally pieced together is, I think, the best we could hope for.  It also needs to be written down because it's not very simple.  Babysitter (comes here) two days a week; daycare for both girls two days a week; and on Tuesdays, daycare for the Bunny and camp for the Bug.

All of this, of course, is put to task when we've got to schedule something else for one or both girls.  Doctor appointments,  play dates, family gatherings... Generally it involves me blowing off making up in the wee hours 2+ hours of work so that a kid gets 1+ hour of something-or-other accomplished. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Let's dance!

Me: So, what do you think... Time to boogie down to some cool dance grooves?
Bug: Yea!
Me: How 'bout the Talking Heads?
Bug: No.  Let's put on the Walking Dead.
Me: You mean the Grateful Dead.
Bug: No, the Walking Dead.  I love them!  They're the dancing bears, you know.
Me: Pretty sure that's a zombie TV show, hon.  How about some Grateful Dead.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


So I turned 37 today.  Which is pretty much a big, fat underwhelming.  Unless you're my dad, who seems to think that having an old daughter somehow makes him old.  You remember the transitive property, except instead of triangles we're talking oldness.

Anyway, it was a really good birthday.  Not because I did anything outrageous or got a box of diamonds.  It was just really good.  (Plus, I *am* getting a bike.  Totally Colorado.)

Yesterday we had planned to go up to Mt. Evans and then to show my Dad around around Evergreen.   But the sky decided to throw a bunch of golf balls at the farm, so instead we went to help clean up the yard and cook some caveman steaks and let the girls soak up Boppie's affections while Mima was visiting the baby cousins. 

So today I woke up on the farm, and then we tried to catch some carp in the pond at the bottom of the field (those carp, by the way, were doing back floats and flipping us off in fish, and they did not have any interest in eating the worms or fireballs or flies that we sent their way).  Then we ate our weight at the Armadillo, had a couple of beers and a rousing game of hide-and-seek with Aunt Jessie and came home.

Oh and by the way, our plumbing was out for like three days.  Which sucked.

But it's better now.  And happy birthday to me.  And it was a great one.  One of the best.

Thank you.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Bug's very big week

The last week has been a very, very big one for the little Bug, deserving of more than just one little post: she graduated from Jr. Kindergarten, and she turned five.

The graduation program was super awesome, and both Mima and Aunt Jessie were able to come and see it.  It started out a little rocky, more reminiscent of her first school programs than her recent successes.  She was carrying the flag as the leader of the whole student body, laid one eye on me and devolved into a puddle of tears on my lap.  Recovery, however, was sweet and complete - she joined her friends while the younger kids sang and proceeded to lead her all-boys class like something of a superstar.  When the everybody-day kids took the stage, the Bug and her little pals hammed it up something serious.  And I guess technically she became a graduate.  Even though there was still a week of school left.

Saturday was her birthday, and she got a bigger-girl bike from Mommy and Daddy.  We went to the park for a ride, and her little legs pedaled her all around Bergen Park like I've never seen before.  After a birthday lunch we ran our final errands for the next day's party (more on that in a sec), and headed to Conifer for a party.

Sunday morning, and the day for the Bug's first "friend party" arrived.  We spent the morning finalizing our party prep, and guests began arriving at 1pm.  The party?  Well, it was a huge success.  We had around 25 kids and about as many adults.  The kids ran around like maniacs (especially the boy kids - wow! - they are insane) and the adults snacked and visited and had a couple of drinks.  I was particularly impressed that the unfinished keg from the prior day's party found its way to our deck. 

A super fun time was had by all - including our octogenarian guests of honor, the Bug's Great-Grandma Jan, Great-Grandpa Rasey and Great-Great-Aunt Maryel. 

Monday, we picked up toys.