Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Evergreen Rodeo

Last year we moved here just after the town's most formidable event.  Or, at least, its biggest parade.  The Evergreen Rodeo: an actual Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association event that has taken place every Fathers' Day weekend for 46 years.

The silver medalist Water Polo pony from our  float
Despite being relatively new to town, we managed to find our way into the parade.  Not by accident, exactly, but because some friends needed partners in crime for their understaffed company float.  We dressed the kids in red, white and blue, donned our cowboy (and cowgirl) hats and handed out candy and "gold" medals to thousands of parade fans. 

The Bug started out a little timid, preferring to stay on the float and help me organize my hand-out stuff.  But by like the second turn, she had hopped off with me and was handing out medals with aplomb.  To her credit, the Bunny sat at the front of the float, held on tight and looked generally adorable.

Former rodeo queens were totally right behind us
The rodeo itself was actually quite perfect - a delightful balance of honest-to-goodness rodeo athletes, combined with small and short enough not to bore the kids to tears.  Plus, one of the Bug's best buddies rocked the casbah in the mutton busting event, which was sweet.

We are also apparently grandfathered in for float duty in years to come.  I will be sure to report back

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