Friday, June 1, 2012

The Bug's very big week

The last week has been a very, very big one for the little Bug, deserving of more than just one little post: she graduated from Jr. Kindergarten, and she turned five.

The graduation program was super awesome, and both Mima and Aunt Jessie were able to come and see it.  It started out a little rocky, more reminiscent of her first school programs than her recent successes.  She was carrying the flag as the leader of the whole student body, laid one eye on me and devolved into a puddle of tears on my lap.  Recovery, however, was sweet and complete - she joined her friends while the younger kids sang and proceeded to lead her all-boys class like something of a superstar.  When the everybody-day kids took the stage, the Bug and her little pals hammed it up something serious.  And I guess technically she became a graduate.  Even though there was still a week of school left.

Saturday was her birthday, and she got a bigger-girl bike from Mommy and Daddy.  We went to the park for a ride, and her little legs pedaled her all around Bergen Park like I've never seen before.  After a birthday lunch we ran our final errands for the next day's party (more on that in a sec), and headed to Conifer for a party.

Sunday morning, and the day for the Bug's first "friend party" arrived.  We spent the morning finalizing our party prep, and guests began arriving at 1pm.  The party?  Well, it was a huge success.  We had around 25 kids and about as many adults.  The kids ran around like maniacs (especially the boy kids - wow! - they are insane) and the adults snacked and visited and had a couple of drinks.  I was particularly impressed that the unfinished keg from the prior day's party found its way to our deck. 

A super fun time was had by all - including our octogenarian guests of honor, the Bug's Great-Grandma Jan, Great-Grandpa Rasey and Great-Great-Aunt Maryel. 

Monday, we picked up toys.

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