Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello, Iowa

In between Christmas and New Years, Joker and I made a very quick, commando trip to Des Moines for a cousin's wedding.  While the primary purpose of our visit was for Joker to meet some of my relatives, many for the first time - and for me to get to know them better - we did get to see a little of the downtown.  There was more to offer than I'd expected from this little midwest city.

Postcard of the beautiful capital, sent to the Bug & Bunny
On our way from the airport to our downtown hotel (a drive lasting all of 10 minutes), we passed a very intriguing sculpture garden.  The next morning, that was our primary destination.  We met a cousin on the deserted streets - there are seriously zero pedestrians in Des Moines - who joined us for brunch.  Then we walked around a small square with an impressive array of sculptures from some very well known artists.  My personal favorite was a Mark di Suvero, an artist we enjoyed at Storm King in New York a couple of years ago.

T8 by Mark di Suvero

Untitled (Three Dancing Figures, version C) by Keith Haring

Both Joker and I really enjoyed the time spent with our Rasey relatives, a group of people who laugh well and often.  My cousin's wedding was beautiful, and even took place in a history museum alongside a fossilized mammoth skeleton and a 1913 time capsule.  It was a fun little weekend jaunt.