Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jigsaw scheduling

Holy crap!  Trying to figure out our weekday summer schedule was almost a joke.  We need full-time kid care.  I have a couple of constituents I had to keep in mind, in addition to the kids themselves.  (We have an awesome babysitter who we want to give enough hours that she keeps thinking we're the best job ever.  We have a daycare provider who is also awesome and we need to stay on her good side.)  Plus, wherever possible, efficiencies (of time, driving, money) are nice.

The "schedule" that I finally pieced together is, I think, the best we could hope for.  It also needs to be written down because it's not very simple.  Babysitter (comes here) two days a week; daycare for both girls two days a week; and on Tuesdays, daycare for the Bunny and camp for the Bug.

All of this, of course, is put to task when we've got to schedule something else for one or both girls.  Doctor appointments,  play dates, family gatherings... Generally it involves me blowing off making up in the wee hours 2+ hours of work so that a kid gets 1+ hour of something-or-other accomplished. 

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