Monday, July 9, 2012

Rocky Mountain National Park with the kids

We spent most of last week with Mima and Boppie in Estes Park, and each day was spent enjoying the wonders of Rocky Mountain National Park.  The Bug had been in the park as an infant, but we really hadn't been back since then.  We had a fabulous week, and all got to enjoy the wonders of the park, from the small to the giant.

Longs Peak from the top of Trail Ridge Road

The first day we drove over Trail Ridge Road.  It's a spectacular drive, with sheer cliffs on either side at various times, and there are plenty of places to get out to enjoy the breathtaking views, see the wildlife and climb on rocks.  The girls enjoyed the stops, too - spotting butterflies and marmots, scrambling on rocks and getting their National Parks Passports stamped.  We also enjoyed a picnic and a short hike around the picturesque Lake Irene.

Meadow at the end of Lake Irene trail
On July 4th itself we took a very short hike on the Alluvial Fan Trail.  It is perfect for little kids - the only steep part is straight up the rocks next to the waterfall.  Which was, of course, the Bug's favorite part.  The Bunny preferred to take off her shoes and stand in the shallows of the river making mud pies or mud cakes or whatever.  We followed the hike with a picnic by the lake which featured a great deal of throwing rocks in the river.  There were, of course, no fireworks.  But we had a perfect Independence Day and a fantastic family getaway!

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