Saturday, July 14, 2012

Colorado wildflowers

On our hikes last week in Rocky Mountain National Park, I took a lot of photos.  Bunches.  I took pictures of the views, the wildlife, my hiking buddies.  And I took pictures of some of the amazing flowers we saw.  I'm no professional, but a few came out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

The Rocky Mountain Columbine is Colorado's state flower.  We saw these beauties early on our Mt. Ida hike, and they were prolific on the Flattop Mountain trail. 

Indian Paintbrush is the state flower of Wyoming, and the bright red ones were the only color I'd seen.  Hiking around Lake Irene we saw some pinkish ones, and I learned that they come in all kinds of colors.  These light green with purple leaves might be my favorite.  These were in the tundra on Mt. Ida, and we saw a bunch on top of Flattop as well.

These King's Crown have a very unique, stunning red color.  They're short little guys, and they are also found in the alpine tundra.  This photo was taken on Flattop Mountain, and we saw them all over Mt. Ida and Hallett Peak, too.


Anonymous said...

You should turn these into note cards on Shutterfly!!!

Angie said...

Ha ha - thank, Ali!