Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meal time stress

I've never stressed out about meal times. I love to eat, for the last five years I've loved to cook, and food and drink are among life's greatest pleasures.

The Bug's current food phase is another story altogether. She's mastered Cheerios and these Gerber fruit and veggie puffs (they taste like packing peanuts, but she seems to love them). The completion of her transition to regular food, though, is really difficult for me! She generally eats the "Stage 3" foods and cottage cheese just fine. But I have no idea how to start giving her "table food"... what can she eat, what will she like? How do I know if the pieces are small or soft enough? And the real kicker - we get home at 6:45... so how in the world am I supposed to have our dinner on the table by 7:15?? Tiny bites of whatever the adults are eating are all well and good, but only if we can all eat at the same time. It's totally stressing me out!

Any tips? I'm all ears!

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Angie said...

A little post script... one of my very good friends sent me a fantastic list of suggested food items. She also helped put things in perspective - that even if the Bug resists regular food now, she's not going to be eating mush forever. Thanks, Caryn! If anyone wants some of the tips, I'll gladly pass the wisdom along.