Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BSG - season 2.5

The title of my post is only the first beef I had with Battlestar Galactica in its second season. Season 2.5? WHAT??!

I loved the first 1 3/4 seasons of BSG (yeah, I am using the dorky abbreviation), but then it abruptly took a turn for the worse. After the first 45 episodes or so covered roughly that many weeks aboard Galactica, the timeline sped up dramatically for the last handful of episodes. The last 15 minutes or so of the season finale actually took placed an entire year in the future, and nothing that had happened in the interim seemed plausible to me. We had been taken down a very odd path, and I can't say I enjoyed the ride.

So it was a very welcome surprise that Season 3 - which I'm only two episodes into right now, so please no spoilers! - is great! I may not have enjoyed the ride, but I love where they've taken us!! I am a bit disappointed that there is no possible way for Joker and I to be caught up in time to start Season 4 with the premier on Friday night, but hey - I'm loving where the story is right now, so will just savor it.

Speaking of Season 4, is the Sci-Fi network trying to kill the show at its peak of popularity? It's airing Friday nights at 10pm. Even the biggest nerds have plans at that time, and it's practically too late for the only people who are home at that time... namely, me!

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