Saturday, April 12, 2008

Washington and Myrtle Beach

My family loves postcards. I grew up sending them from every place that we visited, and my parents, brother, sister and I still do it every time that we travel. I was lucky enough to marry a man who is also a master of the art of the postcard, and we always make an event of it, sitting down for afternoon beers and writing to our loved ones back home. We even got the Bug herself started by sending a couple from Vail!

My love of sending the postcard is perhaps eclipsed only by my enjoyment in receiving them. Not only are my immediate family active senders, but many of our good friends have caught on as well. I save every single postcard that we ever receive, and have had the fortune to get them from places across the globe.

In celebration of this humble and (sadly) dying craft, I'll be sharing the postcards that we receive.

So please, keep 'em coming!

To the bug, from her grandparents Mima and Boppie, sent from a visit to Uncle Shane last week. They had the wonderful opportunity to finally see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and their pictures are stunning!

To Joker and me from my parents, sent on the same trip.

Sent to the Bug last week, from Aunt Katy, Uncle Dave and the cousins. Despite a bit of rain, they had a great time playing in the pool for a week - a fun family vacation for all!

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