Friday, September 30, 2011


[Try singing that to the tune of Iggy Pop's "Nightclubbing."  Yeah, it's incongruous.]

Since before we moved here, I've been among the glorious ranks of the unemployed.  I'm looking for something, but since the media industry never quite flocked to Denver, and since the economy is in the crapper, it's slow going. 

In the mean time, though, I have really been enjoying myself and my (presumably temporary) housewife gig. I didn't expect to like it this much, but not working during a Colorado summer is pretty hard to beat!  I'm outside with the girls (or just the Bunny during the Bug's school days) every day, usually a couple of times.  We've gone to museums, the zoo, parks, tourist attractions.  It's cool!

Still, I struggle with it a little.  So much of my time - of my identity - has been wrapped up in my career for years now.  Then all of a sudden, no commute or job or colleagues.  I don't make any money, nor do I wear makeup or (for that matter) shoes other than flip-flops.  My closet is wasting away while I wear jeans and t-shirts. I actually like to talk about politics and the economy and travel and other subjects that don't often come up when I'm pushing my kid on a swing.  It's a change.  Plus, I am a lousy housekeeper.  I seriously dislike cleaning, I'm not even very good at it and I am really, really slow. 

I miss work, and I am grateful to have a couple of projects to keep me sharp.  Every conference call reminds me that I really do enjoy working, and that I am pretty good at it, too.  I love my kids, but running errands with me all day has nothing on the fun and stimulation they get at school or even the super daycare we found for the Bunny.  It'll be great to have our routine back, but until then, I'll just keep on chilling at the park.

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