Saturday, September 10, 2011

9.11, ten years later

It's 10pm in Colorado, and the tenth anniversary of 9.11 technically begins in two hours.

I will never forget September 11, 2001.  I can't.  Every minute of that day, and of the days that followed, is burned into my brain.  I wrote about it when bin Laden was killed, so I don't need to remind you of my 9.11 story.  But every New Yorker has one, and we all remember.  But I have avoided all of the ceremonial hoo-ha as much as possible. I don't like it.

I know New Yorkers who feel differently.  Those who believe the ceremonies are important; that they'll help our nation to stay vigilant.  I do not.  I may no longer be a New Yorker, but I spent many years as one.  And from this New Yorker's point of view, we don't need ceremony.  Ceremony was of no consequence when bin Laden was dumped overboard, and there's been no other milestone that mattered.  The tribute lights went back on at the Trade Center this week.  While they are on, let them shine bright.  Let these lights tell the world that New York was not bested; that the United States was not bested.  Let the lights give passers-by a reason to pause, or a reason to remember the dead, or a reason to think warmly of their unharmed loved ones.  Let these lights remind us all of the democratic revolution that is well underway in the Middle East.  Remind us that Al Qaeda was always destined to be the loser.

September 11 may be a date that many people will remember, but city memorials and firefighter fundraisers and other crowd-rousing events don't mean a thing.  Yeah, I'll remember September 11.  I'll remember it until I die, privately.

And you know what else I'll remember?  Fuck you, bin Laden.  You lost.

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