Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lair o' the Bear

The Colorado Indian Summer is something to be savored; September has got to be the most beautiful month here!  So on Saturday, we bailed on our errands and took the girls on a hike. 

The Bunny and the Bug, hiking together.
One superior thing that Jefferson County has done was to fund "Open Space" parks, some of which are pretty spectacular.  Yesterday I went on a trail run in Elk Meadow, which is near our house in Evergreen, and Saturday we explored Lair o' the Bear, which is between Evergreen and Morrison.  We'd learned of it in a book about great Colorado hikes for kids, and it did not disappoint.  The flat path along Bear Creek was a blast for the kids, with a bunch of places to walk right down to the water and make mud pies.  After crossing a bridge, our path led us slightly uphill for a while, too, and the girls loved the view.  It was such a pleasure to get fresh air on a beautiful day, doing something we could all enjoy - and the girls hiked about a mile on their own!

Bear Creek runs between the meadow and Bruin Bluff.

An artist had set up easels along the creek.

Looking down Bear Creek from the Dipper Bridge.

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