Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two-month post-move report

So apparently we've been in Colorado for more than two months - time, she flies!  It's been great, and I have learned a ton about everything from the difference between houses and condos (the former is much bigger, with larger potential mishap) to the difference between elk shit and deer shit (the former is much bigger, with larger potential mishap).  Here are some of my initial thoughts and reactions:

  • Elk.  Love 'em.  Seriously, can you ever get tired of seeing them?  They are huge (the Bunny initially thought they might be ponies), but funny looking (she was unconvinced).  Their herds can number in the scores, with mamas, babies, daddies all together - and in Evergreen, they hang out in yards.  Today, we passed one huge herd at least six separate times RIGHT DOWN FROM OUR HOUSE.  This, my friends, is cool.  Really fucking cool.
  • Running.  Hard.  Not only are we at 7300 feet of elevation, but in case you missed the news flash, mountains are hilly.  In other words, what goes down (ahhhh, easy-peasy), must come up (bugger this!).  I've finally gotten to where I don't feel like I am going to die every time I finish a run, but there is no question, it's harder here than at flat, Connecticut sea level.
  • Other wildlife.  So cool.  The kids love it - and the Bug mentioned the other day that she doesn't like a day to go by without seeing a deer or an elk.  I loved that.  There's a deer that has made his home around our place, and we miss him when he's not there.  We see squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits and hummingbirds and jays... not to mention the rainbow of wildflowers that grow right in our yard!  It's so beautiful and fun and the girls are in love.  Me, too.
  • Schools.  Awesome.  The Bug is in a fantabulous preschool program with amazing teachers and awesome parents and kids.  She loves it, even though she misses her old babysitter and school.  I've also visited a totally great potential daycare for the Bunny, where they take the kids on hikes every single day.  Don't get that in NYC, do you?
  • Friends.  Tough.  Being a married-with-kids grown-up in a new city doesn't provide tons of opportunities for mingling.  But the parents at the Bug's school seem cool, my family is close and both Joker and I have friends in the area.  It'll come.
  • Family.  Awesome.  I've seen my grandparents almost weekly, and the girls have the layout of their house totally nailed - they know where the toys (and the M&Ms) are without asking.  Hell, tomorrow I'm taking lunch over to their house because it's the Bug's fave place to go on her non-school day.  We see my parents and my sister super often.  It's a big reason why we moved here, and it's awesome.
  • Climate.  Mostly awesome.  Colorado weather is the best in the country.  It's sunny almost every day, and the seasons each explode with their unique excellence.  It is also extremely dry.  You will need your NetiPot, believe me.
So there you have it: two months of Colorado.  

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