Saturday, October 8, 2011

First snowfall

O Colorado and her wacky weather!  Yesterday I went for a jog in shorts and t-shirt and Joker had the convertible top down.  Today?  First snowfall - an inch or so before we woke up, and it kept coming down all morning.

We celebrated by spending about an hour getting the kids into their snow gear, and then going to "Dinosaur Park" here in town.  One of the Bug's school friends was already there, and the two of them ran around like maniacs for over an hour.  The Bunny, on the other hand, stood still and sported the saddest face you've seen.  Like we'd put her in an iron maiden instead of puffy pants and snow boots.

It looks like curtains for our window boxes...

...but 50 bucks says hammock season isn't over yet!

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