Thursday, October 20, 2011


My family is big on surprises.  I mean, really big.  Various of us have shown up unannounced at graduations or birthdays.  We've been flown to Mexico to catch Boppie unawares.  We've thrown several surprise pig roasts (all at the houses of the surpriseds, which takes some pretty major orchestration).  We love surprises.  And there is no bigger fan of the surprise than Mima.

So imagine our collective pride when we pulled off the ultimate: a surprise birthday party for Mima herself, complete with a great band, delicious food and drinks, beautiful flowers and over 60 loved ones.  The party was Saturday night right in Mima's stomping grounds.  And we got her but good - she really had no clue.  Out of town guests came from New York, Iowa... and my brother with his wife and baby twins from Maryland. 

So Mima, happy birthday to you.  May this year be the most fun - and surprise - filled one yet!  We love you!

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