Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My little sous chef

The Bug's desire to help out around the house is only expanding. Last night while I was making dinner, she tried to drag a chair into the kitchen. I told Joker it was fine for her to sit on it and watch, if that was what she wanted. Well, that was NOT what she wanted. She pushed the chair over to the counter, climbed up, and said she wanted to cook. Since everything was already in the oven, I had her put some lemon wedges into a cup, and gave her a spoon to stir them with. She couldn't have been prouder when she brought them out to the table.


The Ellis Family said...

How nice! You have a little chef on your hands. Send her our way, I'd let her make dinner for us anyday : )

lynne said...

You seem to have all the right instincts, but let me stress that you should not discourage this.

As is now famous far and wide, I read a cookbook when I was ten or eleven and though it would be romantic to help with family meals, kind of like a frontier wife would have. My mother found me a nuisance when all she wanted was to get dinner on the table quickly, and I literally haven't been interested in picking up a spoon since. I made some really bad pepper steak at her urging a few times when I was fifteen or sixteen, but since then I've pretty much kept up my perfect streak. (Of batting zero in the kitchen, I mean.) L.