Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another year, another February

I knew exactly why the snow came down so hard all day on Tuesday: I was going to Feb Club. The weather gods have an uncanny sense for when hordes of Yalies will alight on a common location. On Tuesday night, said destination was the NYC Yale Club.

Kudos to the organizers of Feb Club Emeritus, who even tapped into the AYA to spread the word far and wide. Judging by the crowd on Tuesday, they've done their job well. I hear they were expecting a thousand people; there were at least four of the Mory's Cups floating around, filled with gold and red deliciousness; and I totally underestimated both the time I would spend and the wine I would drink. I smiled the entire time. I mingled. I made bold promises to attend at least three this year. I felt lousy the following morning. A successful Feb Club party on all counts!

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By the way, well put, my dear!