Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valley of the dolls

Continuing along the Just So Story of myself... I looked pretty normal through about 1982:

Ah, 1982. Normal looking kid with normal interests. Cabbage Patch Kids and Care Bears were all the rage, as evidenced by this picture I took of mine:

Unfortunately, when the permanent teeth arrived, the wheels began to fall off. Still kinda cute. Very suspicious fashion choices. I still remember thinking those purple sneakers and goofy-ass striped socks were totally hot. But wait... closer look at the book bag... is that... GARFIELD???

Why, yes. Yes, it is. I had a lot of Garfield stuff. And I apparently found it necessary to document my entire collection.


Paul said...

Nice outfit Angie...Little House On The Prairie comes to mind :-)

Thor said...

Seems sister and I used to line up our Snoopy's and take their pictures.

Angie said...

@Thor - Too funny! I had no clue that other kids did the same goofy thing!