Monday, January 5, 2009

She just wants to help

The Bug has gotten very into helping out around the house, and it is totally adorable. For months now, whenever I drop something from the dryer she picks it up and trots behind me to where I'm folding. She feeds Buffy and Sirius and gives them treats. Over the holidays, she started to help set the table - she'll take the items from the kitchen and bring them to Daddy at the table. She loves doing it; as soon as I mention it's time to set the table, she runs to the lazy susan and grabs the salt and pepper. I have to admire the slightly OCD attention to detail she brings to her work. The other morning while Joker was in the other room, I asked the Bug to bring the stuff out. When I checked on her progress, I saw that all the regular silverware was on the big table, and her fork alone was on her highchair tray.

We took down Christmas on Saturday night, and carried out the tree yesterday. The Bug was running around where the tree was, and was quite dismayed when the needles stuck to her feet. I apologized to her, "Sorry, Bug, but the floor is pretty grubby right now," and returned to boxing stuff up. Thirty seconds later, the Bug was back in the middle of things, carrying our giant broom to clean up the mess.

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