Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Bug update

I just realized that it's been a while since I've given an update on the Bug... So here are a few highlights at 13 months:

  • Seven teeth.
  • Walking. No, I mean running. Everywhere.
  • Eats like a monster. Except for fruit. Can't seem to expand beyond grapes and bananas.
  • Enjoys music and dancing, though exhibits a frustrating reluctance to do it on camera. (This has resulted in grand stretches of video of Mommy and Daddy trying to encourage on-screen dancing, which can only be described as utterly ridiculous.)
  • Follows/chases Buffy and Sirius everywhere. Buffy will not be caught. Tolerant Sirius is thus the recipient of many Bug hugs.
  • Loves to stack nesting toys.
  • Even better: removing tupperware from the cupboard and spreading it around the kitchen floor.
  • Really into putting things away (i.e., phones and clothes in drawers, phones and dishes in kitchen cupboards), though does a more thorough of getting things out (see 'tupperware' bullet above).
  • New fun activity: take an empty bucket down to the little park downstairs. Walk around collecting interesting things (rocks, flower petals, sticks, pine needles) into the bucket. Dump contents of bucket onto the ground. Repeat.
I think that parents always say this, but she is at a GREAT age right now - we have fun all the time.

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