Monday, March 17, 2008

A week in Vail

We just returned from a very fabulous family vacation in Vail, Colorado. This explains my week-long hiatus - surprisingly, the house we were staying in had no internet connectivity.

As with everything now that we have the Bug, the trip required much farther advance planning than I was once used to, and we started putting the wheels in motion in December. We had a fabulous house to stay in, courtesy of a very close family friend, and it could not have been better. My parents were able to spend their days playing with the Bug, and my husband (I'll call him Joker - he needs a handle, and I can't seem to come up with a better one than the one he already has) and I were able to snowboard to our heart's content.

Vail is a pretty cool mountain (actually, collection of mountains), no question about it. It's in a stunning location, with views of some of the most jagged mountain ranges in the Rockies. It's most famous for its back bowls, to which my limited snowboarding skills allow me only limited access. We were able to check out two of them, and Joker hit a third with my sister and her friends. One word of advice: if you're heading to the China Bowl on a snowboard, skip the Sleepytime (a.k.a. Shit Balls) run and take the Sourdough lift. You'll have to traverse a little at the top of the bowl, but you'll be in a far more agreeable mood.

I can't say I was floored by the nightlife, though I'm sure that's a testament to the fact that I can no longer hang. Only a few short years ago, we'd ski all day and party all night in Aspen. Now, apres ski is about the extent of it, and Vendetta's was a pretty cool bar for that. But mostly, we enjoyed our delicious Colorado beers back at the house, and that suited all of us perfectly.

One little post-script. The car seat wheels were excellent, particularly since my Mom had a stroller for the Bug. The wheel/car seat combo would not suffice for your full stroller needs at your destination, but they definitely do the trick maneuvering through the airport.

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