Friday, March 28, 2008

The Gilmore Girls

After I finished freebasing the entire seven seasons of Buffy in three months, I quickly moved through both Firefly and Angel (during which I re-watched Buffy). Insane, perhaps, but I loved them all.

When I was on maternity leave with the Bug, I had quite a bit of time to fill with a new TV-on-DVD obsession, which unfortunately could not be another Joss Whedon creation. Since Joker wasn't home to partake, I saved Battlestar Galactica to watch with him, and on the recommendations of several friends I got myself hooked on Gilmore Girls.

The series was great, particularly for a new mom. It's a smartly written show, known for its sharp dialog laden with pop culture references, with two strong and beautiful women as the leads. I did get a bit tired of Rory during a couple of seasons, but Lorelai stepped up as less whiny and more sympathetic during those times. The supporting cast is awesome! Paris Gellar, Lane and Zach, Miss Pattie, Sookie and Jackson... Sally Struthers and her husband cracked me up... but it was Sebastian Bach who totally stole every scene he was in! I love the theme song, which Carole King successfully updated from the original follow-my-man-anywhere meaning, though I was disappointed that the opening credits didn't get updated each season.

Last night I finally finished the seven-season series. Despite Season 7 suffering for the loss of Amy Sherman-Palladino, the last couple of episodes sent both Rory and Lorelai off on a very optimistic horizon. Well done. Thanks for the many, many hours of time down the drain.

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