Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ridiculous-looking travel item

On Saturday, we are heading out to Colorado for the week. My Grandma's 80th birthday party is on Saturday, and we'll go from there up to Vail for several days of snowboarding! My parents will be with us to watch the Bug, and everyone is thrilled about the arrangement.

All of the websites I've seen, and flight attendants I've spoken with, strongly recommend that a baby sit in her own seat on a plane, in her car seat. While the Bug was in her bucket car seat, this was pretty easy. The bucket was also her stroller, you'd ditch the stroller part on the jet way, and you placed the bucket itself on the seat and strapped the airplane seatbelt across it.

Now she's in a regular car seat, which apparently still fits into airplane seats. I was all set to have my sweet husband lug that thing around while I pushed the Bug in her stroller. Needless to say, we'd have virtually no ability to deal with carry-on luggage, and we'd probably very irritable by the time we boarded the plane.

Until a colleague told me that he'd seen people using some sort of odd-looking luggage wheels attached to a car seat last time he was traveling. A quick search online led me to what has the potential of being a very ingenious product. It's exactly what he described - luggage wheels that you attach directly to the car seat. No need to use a stroller - just look at the happy baby who thinks it's a ride! Wheee!!!

I ordered it from Healthcheck Systems, whose free shipping option had it delivered two days after I placed the order. I'll post a little review after our trip, for anyone who also has babies on the go... with any luck, it's a winner!

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