Friday, May 17, 2013

Today's threat-down: BEARS!

In totally typical morning fashion, I wrapped up making my kids' lunches, turned to my email and caught some movement out our bay window.  Usually when I look up it's a chipmunk, or Sparkle the bunny who lives in our rocks, or a few deer, or maybe an elk or two.  So imagine my surprise when I saw a baby bear, walking right toward me. 

In atypical fashion, my good camera was in reach.  I snapped a few pics then through our windows, as he walked down a couple of steps and under our deck.  Didn't want to miss my chance!

Strolling past the dining room window
 As I called Joker to tell him what the Bunny and I just saw, I walked back out to the living room, and again something caught my eye.  It was the same little fella, sitting on the railing of our deck and making short work of our birdseed.

Mmmmmm..... black oil sunflower seeds
Really, though, he's pretty cute

He actually hung around for half an hour before his meal was done.  During this time, he stopped to lie down on the railing to rest, he sat with his legs over the edge just like a little kid, he used his "fingernails" to pull the feeder closer and save himself the stretch, and he checked us out a couple of times.  When he'd had his fill (also known as "eaten all of my birdseed"), he turned around, walked across the railing - and over my unplanted (thank goodness!) window boxes - hopped down to the deck, took the stairs down, crossed our neighbors lawn and disappeared across the street.

Window box, schmindow box
Awesome!  Exciting!  Holy WTF! 
Methinks perhaps the bird feeders should come down for the season.

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