Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I know I say it every time one of my kids has a birthday, but time really does fly.  The Bug turned six over the weekend (and has kindergarten graduation this week - eek!).  Yikes. 

Our weekend kicked off with some major Saturday morning seed planting.  The Bug had asked Santa for "seeds to plant a garden," and the big man complied.  Four hours later, the kids had long since given up on the project, I was covered in dirt (which I almost, but not quite, ran out of)... but we did have pots and pots of flower and vegetable seeds in the ground.  We'll see if we can manage to harvest anything this fall! 

Then we took the kids to the pool to cool off - and I was actually amazed at how well the Bug is swimming, all under water and everything!

This birthday celebration on Sunday started with bacon, chocolate chip pancakes and a trip to the American Girl Doll store.  If you've never been to one, I can assure you there are oodles of ways to spend money, and the staff is so unbelievably pleasant you do so willingly.  Next door is a restaurant with dolly high chairs so that Julie (Bug's first A.G. doll) and Saige (the new one) could join us at the table for lunch.

On Memorial Day we carted an entire BBQ (including tie-dye cupcakes, which looked pretty awesome and took forever to frost) down to Aunt Jessie's house so that we could celebrate with Mima and Boppie and my grandparents and great aunt.  It was a super fun day, and somehow both girls ended up with bags and bags of fun new stuff.  We played horseshoes, badminton, ring toss and hula hooped.  Everyone (from age 3 1/2 to pushing 89) had a ton of fun!

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