Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mud season in the 'Boat

Last weekend a girlfriend and I had a little get-away to Steamboat.  While there were some tasks at hand, we really got to relax and enjoy.

Fish Creek Falls
One of the funny things that we learned - and that I should have remembered from our visit a few years ago - is that Steamboat basically shuts down from mid-April thru the beginning of May.  They call it "mud season," a very appealing term to describe the down-time between ski season and summer.

Steamboat is known as a balloon destination
Our weather was perfect - sunny and warm, especially awesome after the string of Tuesday/Wednesday storms we have had every week in April.  (And, incidentally, again today.  May 1.  Ugh.)  We sat outside for cocktails, took long walks and hikes, ate incredible meals both at home and at the locals' hang-out restaurants.  And the snow was still melting on the hills and along the rivers.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Really cool old log

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