Wednesday, May 29, 2013

K-Grad; and, thanks for the thanks

Today was the Bug's kindergarten graduation.  It was a super fun little ceremony, proceeded by a very fun and cool little to-do in her room.  As I've said, the Bug's teachers are top notch.  And this was all class and fun and showcasing of the six-year-old superstars moving on to first grade.  Surprisingly, I only teared up once.  Maybe twice.

A not-so-small aside during it all was a shout-out to all the parents who've volunteered during the course of the year.  The kids made these super cool poster-sized paint-hand-print bouquets to thank their parents for "helping them to bloom" throughout the year.  I love mine.  (Even though it says "Mrs. O'Keefe".  I can get past that.)  It's totally sweet (but, sadly, not easily photographed).

So imagine my surprise when we made our way down the little hill to return the Bunny (she wouldn't miss this excitement!) to her class..... and she and her friends had made one for me, too!  The four little boys from the class were so sweet and proud when they presented me with my special room-parent thank-you hand-print bouquet.  Which I also love.

So to the teachers, and to the kids (especially all my little buddies in Pre-School 1)..... Thank you so much! 

And to my sweet little Bug, enjoy your summer!!..... I've heard the first grade homework load is killer.

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