Monday, June 7, 2010

Colorado visit

We spent last week in Colorado - the girls absolutely adore the farm and my parents and Aunt Jessie (who came out, too) - and the highlight for Joker and me was a two-night trip to Steamboat Springs... sans girlies! I'll post some photos tonight - it is absolutely beautiful, and so relaxing to get away for a few days.

Also of note...

  • The Bug is still there for a few days of solo time with her grands. We actually got on the plane to come home without our 3-year-old daughter. Yes, I cried. But she is having a fabulous time, and I'm pretty sure she thinks that the farm is a camp. Mima flies her back on Wednesday, not that I'm counting the days or anything.
  • The Bolder-Boulder. I ran a 9:35 pace (which wasn't too bad considering my trick knee) but by the important numbers I completed 15 high fives, ran through 5 sprinklers and was hit by 1 Super Soaker. And there is something to be said for a race that gives a free beer to every competitor.
  • The Bunny's first tooth popped on Memorial Day. Plus, she's really close to crawling.
  • Consistent with our zoo tradition, we spent a day at the truly superior Denver Zoo. Bonus points for the soft-serve ice cream.

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