Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost three

The Bug turns three this week, and where the time has gone I couldn't possibly guess. We have quite the series of events planned; as the Bug says, she's having three birthdays this year.

Today we took the cousins, Aunt Katy, Pop-pop and Uncle Nick to the Bradley Zoo - we have a great time there, and the Bug considers it to be "her" zoo. The kids - and the grown-ups, too! - had a blast. Big animal news is that we now have three bald eagles, and we got a close-up view of a mother duck sitting on a nest filled with eggs. We ate cupcakes outside after a carousel ride, and at our post-zoo pizza lunch the Bug actually ate a few bites of 'za! (No, that's not a mistake - she usually just eats tomatoes and olives from the salad. Embarrassing, a kid who doesn't like pizza. But I digress.)

On her birthday proper we are going to have presents in the morning and her favorite dinner (which is whatever Joker and I determine to be her favorite dinner - all she wants is more cupcakes).

And next weekend, we'll do a reprise of her second birthday at the farm - baby animals, driving the tractor, enjoying the family and (hope, hope!) playing in the mud.

To kick it all off, I took her to get her first pedicure yesterday. No, it wasn't the relaxing treat I usually savor, but damn! was it cute:


georgia said...

Her first pedi!! Now that is exciting! I'm glad to see you are guiding her well!!! Wow, 3 years already. That amazes me.

The Ellis Family said...

Happy Birthday to the Bug!!! I think birthdays should always be week-long or more celebrations : ) Love her cute little tootsies!

Big Girl said...

Could her feet be any cuter? I think not! Can't wait to do these things with my little Diva!