Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't be afraid!

The last meeting of the Fearless Readers was a little light on attendees with a grand total of two. None of the people who had actually wanted to read Lamb was there, so we spent all of two minutes on it:

Angie: "So, what did you think."
Aldina: "I didn't hate it as much as I expected to. I guess if your expectations are low enough..."
Angie: "Your favorite part was the jew-do, right? Tell me it was."
Aldina: "Um, no. That was awful."
Anyway, we did have a lovely time catching up, which was great fun! And, we chose the next book: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Regarded as one of the best modern novels to come out of Africa, it's a classic that appears on rankings galore: 1001 Books to Read Before You Die, Time Magazine's Top 100 English-language novels, The Novel 100, the Radcliffe Top 100 and the Guardian Top 100. It's short but challenging, and should be great for discussion.

Please consider this an open invitation - anyone who reads, and is fearless enough to show up and get bookie with it, please join us! We're looking at July 13 (I believe) at the Black Sheep in New York City. Interested?? Yay!!


Big Girl said...

i would LOVE to meet up with the book club and NY is manageable... just not this summer. In the fall perhaps. Maybe a few books from now?

Angie said...

@Big Girl - Thanks for the comments! I hope book clubbing works out for you later this year - it'd be fun!