Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Turned up to 11

The Bug is almost 22 months old, which isn't any milestone I'm aware of. But since she's a total bundle of energy who's up to something new every day, here's a little update of her world:

...She likes to count. So naturally, we count everything in our house. A week ago, she counted to eleven by herself, which is her best streak yet.
...She will not keep a barrette in her hair, regardless of said barrette's cuteness or tight-holding-ness. (As soon as I put them in her hair, she takes them out and counts them. No joke.) So - deep breath! - I trimmed her bangs on Sunday. It wasn't a disaster. They actually even look cute!
...When she likes her food, she rubs her tummy and says "Yummy!"
...Latest Mommy Mad-lib: I told her not to tug on my glass of water; she has to "be gentle because Mommy is..." and I blanked on the word "fragile." She didn't miss a beat, and finished my sentence with "...HAPPY!" Which, while accurate, didn't quite explain the gentle thing.
...She's recently begun singing along with her favorite tunes. In particular, "Elmo's Song," Dora's theme song, and the ABC's. Early results indicate that she may have inherited my voice. Sorry, Bug!
...She sits on the potty a few times a day. In the last two weeks, she's tinkled while on it exactly once.
...Yesterday was the first day I couldn't talk her out of the shirt she wanted to wear. So she wore a pink tank top over her dress. It looked pretty ridiculous. I'm guessing this will be a common occurrence going forward. I must be vigilant with photo documentation. It'll be priceless in a few years.


Anonymous said...

Great updates! She must look adorable with bangs!

The Ellis Family said...

Too cute! I love the tank top over the dress story. What a little fashionista! That may be considered trendy to some, lol.