Monday, March 30, 2009

Bark at the moon

The Bug generally makes the pages of this blog for being a sweet angel. She can't help it; it's just what she does. Not today, however! Last night she started screaming at 1am. Not crying, not in pain, not scared, she hadn't misplaced her fuzzy lamb. She was just standing up in her crib and doing a full-lung howl for no apparent reason. I went in to her room, picked her up, calmed her down, put her back in her crib, and by the time I was back in my own room, she was screaming again. Take two, Joker's turn. He spent two hours with her - every time he started to leave the room she screamed again. No sleeping, this one, not even for a minute. When he gave up around 3:00, we decided to let her go. Twenty minutes seemed reasonable - no way she could keep it up for longer without running out of steam, right? Wrong. I calmed her down at 3:20, but when I left the room, more screaming. She did not stop. All night. She just wanted to hang out, nothing more, nothing less. It was beyond brutal.

Of course, at 6:30 when we got her out of bed she was all smiles and no worse for the wear. I, however, have burning eyes and fear that I might fall asleep in my chair. We can only hope it was a one-night thing - while Joker and I are incredibly charming, no one can possibly want our middle-of-the-night company that badly!


The Ellis Family said...

Poor little thing! Both her and you guys: ) Have her 2 year molars come in yet? Those gave Jonah the most trouble and a couple of sleepless nights for all involved. Hope tonight goes better, and hope you're staying awake today!

I Do Know How She Does It said...

OK - clearly we are living our lives in sync. One of my twins has started doing the same thing... on the very same night... BRUTAL. it's all about the tough love, man.