Monday, March 23, 2009

Hip, hop, socialize

Ozomatli has been my favorite live band for years now, ever since the first time Joker and I saw them at Jazz Aspen seven or eight years ago. They have such great energy - it feels like you somehow got invited to the coolest party in town, and they're so glad you came they want to make sure you have fun. I saw them play at Irving Plaza on Friday night, and again, they did not disappoint!

For the uninitiated, I describe them as Latin funk, though they themselves add another dozen or so genres to the list. Suffice it to say, you had better wear your dancing shoes to the show. Fans take note: they played at least a half dozen songs I'd never heard before, so I am guessing a new album is not far off. Since I think Don't Mess With The Dragon is their best since their first self-titled album, I am looking forward to it!

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