Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm back!

Our vacation to Playa del Carmen was fabulous. I'll write a little more about a couple specifics, like the Mayan ruins at Tulum and our fantastic dives... But first, a couple of reflections on the trip overall.

It was really awesome to see the Bug bond with my parents. She's spent time with them, but now she's old enough to really develop a relationship. It was great. She stayed in their room and spent every day at the beach and the pool with them. Joker and I were along for a lot of it, but while we had other plans they got to enjoy their Bug-time, and Joker and I got to enjoy our diving, the wedding festivities, and spending time with some of our friends down there. All in all, the Bug did better than great. She loved the beach, loved the pool, and she had a wonderful time!

Traveling with her was actually pretty easy. She had one on-plane meltdown when our flight was delayed for two hours on the runway yesterday afternoon. But she finally fell asleep and napped for an hour and a half, and after she woke up she did far better than many of the adults on the plane. We took her car seat with the funny stroller hook-up, and her hiking backpack, and left the regular stroller at home. It totally worked. We didn't bring tons of toys: some buckets and shovels, bubbles, an inflatable ring, and lots of books. Perfect. While aspects of all-inclusive resorts may not be ideal (the goofy organized activities, the crowds), it was perfect for this type of a vacation - it couldn't have been more kid-friendly, no one had to do dishes, and if the Bug wasn't able to hang for dinner we could just bail.

What a great time. I miss it already!

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