Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hilarious holiday comedy

You know those Christmas movies where everything goes awry, and hilarity ensues left and right. All the things that make it funny - a concoction of planes, trains and automobiles required to get home; being stuck in a random airport for days; sick baby who gets everyone else sick... Actually, those things are NOT very funny. Hilarity does not ensue.

After driving through a blizzard to reach the Hartford airport on Sunday, a series of delays caused our flight to leave over seven hours late. By that time, there were no more Chicago to Denver flights, and there was no availability on Monday, either. So we rebooked for a Tuesday flight, which ultimately delivered us to Ault just three days and two hours late, and bunkered down in the Hartford Airport Sheraton to wait.

The good news is that the Bug loves airports. She runs, she meets people, she plays. While stranded in Hartford, we also made lemonade by going to the Mark Twain house. It's a beautiful house and a lovely little museum - definitely worth a visit. Our time in Ault was severely cut short by the delay, but the Bug easily settled in with her grandparents, and we had a fabulous time at Grandma's on Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately, the Bug caught a bug, and she was sick for much of the day on Christmas. I'm now suffering from it, as are both of my grandparents and Aunt Jessie. As icing on the cake, when we got home last night we found I'd left my keys inside the house. Joker had to take an extra taxi to Port Chester, NY to retrieve his keys from Pop-Pop. Only then could we start assembling the Bug's gifts, which lasted until the wee hours.

More good news: The Bug bounced back quickly and she's happy as a clam today. Santa visited us last night and brought her a toy kitchen, which she loves, and all is right in her world. My world, however, is a little uncomfortable. I'm planning to catch some zzzz's in the hopes of making it to the Jets' game tomorrow.

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