Saturday, December 20, 2008

Visit to Santa

Our Colorado travel plans were hit by the Arctic Blast that apparently covered Chicago in ice. The good news is that the delay is only one day - we will be flying out of Hartford (!!) tomorrow afternoon. This means that we will not have the good fortune to freeze our behinds off at the Bronco game tomorrow, but it also meant that we got to take the Bug for her first real visit to Santa.

The Bug does not like Santa. She clutched me so tightly I couldn't even get her to sit next to him. The picture was sorta made possible by me holding the Bug and leaning way to the right, while Santa came up on her left and put his arm around her. Apparently they do not allow people to take their own photos or videos of the experience, thus denying the next generation the pleasure of seeing their younger selves cry, scream, and arch their backs to avoid the clutches of the scary, giant, bearded man.

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Angie said...

Santa post script: the Bug LOVES pictures of Santa, as well as the presents he brings. Next year, we are golden.