Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A visit from Pop-pop

This weekend, we had a very special visitor in town: Pop-pop (Joker's dad) came to see us for the first time since we moved!  The girls were super excited to show him some of their favorite things to do around town.  And the weather could not have cooperated better: we had a series of 60-plus degree days.  Delightful.
We started the weekend off easy, with the girls playing hookey from school to take Pop-pop to a couple of our favorite local parks.  We rode bikes in Kittredge, and after lunch went to Dinosaur Park (a.k.a. Stagecoach Park to the rest of the world) where we played on the playground and flew a kite.

On Friday, another day off from school.  We did the 1.25-mile hike around Evergreen Lake, which was still covered with its last remnants of ice.  Just two days later and it's wide open water again - but here's a last view of the winter's hockey rinks in front of the Lake House.

We spent Saturday up at the farm, where the Bunny rode on a tractor for the very first time!  Other highlights included mudding in Mima and Boppie's pond, though we are disappointed to report that we didn't spot a single mermaid this visit. 

And on Sunday we went to Red Rocks, had a nice hike around the park and the Bug and the Bunny got to fool around on the rocks backstage! 

A really fun weekend - lots of the great Colorado outdoors - and we can't wait to show Pop-pop more on his next visit!

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