Friday, March 30, 2012

The Bug's big night out

Last night was a milestone of sorts: the Bug had a sleepover (by herself!) at Aunt Jessie's house!  The highlight for the Bug might very well have been the big-girl outing to see Disney on Ice, where princesses galore twirled around in their princess gowns, doing various and sundry princess things.  (Since I wasn't there myself, I'm more or less paraphrasing the detail my daughter provided.)

Anyway, after the show they went back to Aunt Jessie's, ate ice cream, watched a movie (presumably also about princesses) and had a good night sleep.  The Bug had been a wee bit torn: desperately wanting to see the Disney show and to go to Aunt Jessie's house, but not quite sure she was ready to spend a night away from the Bunny and her parents.  Princesses persevered, and the Bug had a blast!  Thanks - and major kudos - to Aunt Jessie for conceptualizing, and flawlessly executing, this memorable event!

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