Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is 20 years long enough?

Some time this spring or summer, I will be presented with the opportunity to reunite with my high school classmates.  Should I choose to accept this challenge, it will be the first time I have seen virtually any of them since our graduation day. 

First, a reminder to any of my readers - you're my friends, we respect each other and I look forward to catching up now that I live state-side.  But you knew the rest of them, and you remember what assholes they were.

When I was a senior in high school, my guidance counselor told me not to apply to an Ivy League school because "no one from Highland could ever get in."  That is not an exaggeration.  What a useless woman.  (N.B., to which I replied, "Fuck you, Mrs. Johnson, I'm going to Harvard."  Which I didn't, but I did go to Yale.  Also, I didn't know at the time that your guidance counselor is supposed to fill out parts of your applications.  I had to ask my principal to do it instead, and explain to her why Mrs. J refused to do it.  Not my proudest memory.)

When I got accepted to MIT - the first elite school that I got into - only my friends and a couple of my classmates congratulated me.  Most of my peers teased me and heckled me and tried to make me feel guilty about my aspirations.  Even bitchy old Quinn Fabray got more support from her classmates, and she'd actually been mean to them!

So when I left for Yale and later for New York, I thought I was done with that bunch of small-minded losers.  Sure, I still had a few friends from high school, but most of the kids I could take or leave.

Now I wonder... why go back?  What will be different?  Does anyone give a crap that I can still fit into my junior prom dress, that I have a great education, that I got married before having children?  Maybe.  Maybe it'd be different - they'd enjoy catching up and sharing stories of our hometown, listening to my stories in return.  Maybe they've matured and are now perfectly human adults.  But maybe not.  So... to attend, or not to attend?  Why go back?  Has it been long enough?

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