Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking to western skies

As many of our friends and family already know, Joker and I are planning to move to Colorado this summer.  It's a beautiful place to raise our girls, his work has given him an outstanding opportunity out there, it's closer to my family (including Aunt Jessie who's back in Denver herself!) and the Bug and the Bunny are young enough to make the transition seamlessly.  The cat is now out of the bag at my office as well (or rather, it was forcefully expunged from the bag by a rather indiscreet colleague), so no need to keep it a secret here any longer.

Colorado folks, looking forward to seeing more of you!  New York, Philly and Connecticut friends, we will miss you dearly... and hope to entertain you out west!
So many times I've looked to western skies
Nowhere I go is quite the same
As that sweet home waiting for me
At the end of the day
Details and progress to follow... impending job search, moving logistics... exciting times, these!


georgia said...

We are so excited to come and visit you all in CO!!!!

Jill Davis said...

That is so exciting!! If you need to buy a house let me know! Jeremy is a wonderful realtor!