Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chatty, chatty bang-bang

I was given a hard time the other day about not giving enough updates on what the Bunny's been up to.  So, in an effort to remedy that, here's a little catch-up.

...She's becoming super communicative, which is a little surprising since her vocabulary consists solely of the words "mama," "dada," "happy," "up," "uh-oh," "yeah!" (always said that enthusiastically) and "no."  She answers questions, provided the answer is one of the aforementioned words.  And she's got an unexpectedly deep little voice. 

...She's a huge eater (with the chubby cheeks and round belly to prove it).  She loves fruit (grapes, bananas, berries, melon) and quite a few vegetables (notably members of the squash family, which seems odd).  She gobbles up pasta, bread, pancakes, couscous like it's her last meal.  She's not so big on meat, but I suppose that'll come eventually.

...She loves to dance, and she's got a better spin move than I did when Joker and I met. 

...Which should probably be taken with a grain of salt given she toddles around like a drunken sailor.

...She has a cute little head of curly hair, and I have not a clue how to style it.  When I comb it, she kinda resembles Art Garfunkel circa Bridge over Troubled Water.  So I just let it fluff out, and figure eventually the path will become clear.

...She adores - and emulates - everything her big sister does.  It's pretty awesome.  They love to hug and kiss, though I am at a loss as to why, in a house filled with toys, they always have to have the same one. 

...At 16 months, she remains as sweet a baby as you could ever hope to find.  She rarely cries, she loves to cuddle, she is admittedly just a so-so sleeper (goes down easy, but we rarely get to sleep straight through the night) and she makes us all laugh. 

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