Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekend in Vermont

Some good friends invited us to spend the long weekend at their family's house in southern Vermont. With us were Joker's two high school buddies and their families - seven kids in total, ranging in age from 7 1/2 months to 8 years. We had a blast! We didn't do anything too earth-shattering: grilling, drinking, hiking, a local kids' amusement park set-up with bumper boats and a bounce house. But we really relaxed and got to enjoy the lovely weather and comfortable house.

On of the things I learned is how awesome it is to spend a vacation with other families. The kids all played so well together (and the 8-year-old is already an amazing babysitter), it allowed the adults to cook, tidy up the house, play with other kids or read the paper. We could take turns being in charge; we didn't all have to be on guard 24/7.

I also loved to see that the Bug and the Bunny enjoyed just being outdoors. They loved the hike and the wind and the view and the wildflowers. Their appetites were out of control, they literally didn't complain (except when nap time rolled around), they shared... It was perfect.

On our way out of town, we hit a local farm for berry picking. Since it was roughly 150 degrees out, the Bug didn't quite finish the job, but she must have told me 10 times that she was having "so much fun!" What a satisfying feeling, to so thoroughly please your kids.

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Big Girl said...

You know, some of my best childhood memories are of vacations we took with other families. I have wondered in recent years if it was as much fun for my parents. You make it sound like fun for all! Glad you had a nice getaway!