Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bug's quotables

It's been a while since the Bug said something so off the wall I felt compelled to report it verbatim here, but we've had two in the past week.

Early this week, my Mom and I took her shopping for, among other things, a play-in-the-snow winter coat. I saw a cute brown coat with a faux fur-trimmed hood at the Gap, and asked her if she wanted to try it on for me. She took one look, shook her head, and said, "NO - it's too monkey!" I thought I must have misunderstood and restated the question, and she stamped her feet and vehemently replied again that the coat was "too monkey!!" In Macy's, another fur-trimmed hood, and another report of "too monkey!" We ultimately found one that was pink and brown but completely without fur. It won the stamp of approval, and that evening when she put it on to go for a walk, she cheerfully reported that this coat was "not at all monkey" and therefore quite acceptable.

And on Tuesday I took the Bug to her third swimming lesson. We've had pretty mixed results - with Mom, she was happy to get in the water and practice her stroke and her kick, but when I was there she cried non-stop. I'd already taken her out of the water a couple of times, and after I didn't respond to the third consecutive cry of "I have to go potty" (since the last had been a false alarm), she screamed at the top of her lungs "I have to make a poop RIGHT NOW!" Believe me when I tell you that is not a bluff you want to call - I scooped her out of the pool, ran to the bathroom, and was only mildly annoyed when it proved to be another false alarm.

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