Monday, November 9, 2009

40 weeks +3

It actually never occurred to me that I'd go past my due date with this baby. Call it naive, call it short-sighted, either way it's the truth. So three days past the due date with no signs of any change on the horizon, I am a bit flummoxed. I have tried every "home remedy" under the sun, with the exception of chugging castor oil - that just sounds gross. I've been working from home for a couple of weeks - the commute was wiping me out, and my colleagues all feared my water could break at any moment - so I'm actually a little lonely. On the flip side, none of my clothes fit these days so at least I'm not flashing the world my unsightly business. My Mom came out at the end of last week under the assumption that we'd be looking at a due date-ish baby. And she returned to Colorado today with plans to return when I go into labor, or get scheduled for an induction, or it's Thanksgiving - whichever happens first. So Gentle Reader, stay tuned. No news is... well, no news is simply the lack of news. Keep your fingers crossed something happens soon!


lynne lac said...

Aw, Angie, sorry no action yet on this important front. I hope you continue to feel well—if not tip-top—and that I can see you and the family soon. xL.

Anonymous said...

I did try the castor oil and you are right not to go there, it was awful and didn't work for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed this baby will arrive soon!

georgia said...

Hopefully since I am responding to your post a bit after you wrote, that you are successfully in labor as I write!! We hope to see you all soon!