Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why, Mommy, why?

I know that kids aren't technically all the same, as evidenced by the Bug's ridiculously good looks and above-average intelligence. But every now and then she is a walking - or talking - stereotype. Two days ago, the "whys" kicked in. She seeks the root cause and will not be satisfied with anything less. Case in point:

Bug: "Where Daddy go?"
Me: "He's in the potty."
B: "Why?"
M: "Because he has to go potty."
B: "Why?"
M: "Because he drank some water earlier."
B: "Why?"
M: "Because he was thirsty."
B: "Why?"
M: "He just was."
B: "... Where Daddy go?"
Let me guess... this phase is not a short one.


Anonymous said...

hehehe... I remember that phase! Why why why?? Yeah, it gets very tiring and once in a while I can see why people just say 'because it is' but I always answered all the questions Hannah asked, and I think her phase was shorter than some others. Maybe because she was actually getting ANSWERS? ~Angela W.

Stacey said...

ha ha! doesn't everyone think their kid is the best looking and the most intelligent? olie is now pointing at everything and waiting for an answer, so i tell him what things are. not sure what the retention rate is at 10.5 months tho. i love sadie! need to see her soon.