Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They're *my* shells, dammit!

One of our neighbors leaves miscellaneous decorations on the table in our floor's elevator lobby: a basket of plastic eggs around Easter time, a random fishbowl full of wine corks a few weeks ago, and most recently these two giant bowls full of sea shells.

Apparently, the level in the larger bowl has dropped suspiciously in recent days, because this note appeared on Sunday evening:

Gotta love that smiley face... Looks like we've got a new submission for passiveaggressivenotes.com!

Joker and I haven't quite decided the appropriate course of action... Do we take all the shells and replace them with plastic eggs or wine corks? Do we take the bowls and just leave the shells on the table? Do we just start dropping in chewed up bubble gum and cigarette butts every time we pass by? We simply cannot let this little display of goodwill towards man go unrewarded.


Shane said...

Ali and I have some pretty friendly neighbors that do nice things as well. For instance, one such person picks up our Sunday paper each week. Granted, he/she keeps it for him/herself, but you've got to start somewhere.

Stacey said...

i think you should take every single shell and place them one inch apart from each other all around the hallway floor. perhaps her OCD will want to meet the observed OCD and you guys can become friends!