Thursday, June 25, 2009

When Michael was king

All us kids of the 70s have a memory or two influenced by the King of Pop. Thriller was the first tape I played and replayed until I knew every word front to back, and the first video I remember watching. Michael's unfortunate Pepsi commercial accident was the subject of my first off-color elementary school rhyme. I remember kids in school wearing single, fingerless gloves. But I never correctly understood the lyrics to "Billie Jean" until after college.

Today the world mourns the loss of Michael Jackson, perhaps the biggest pop star of all time. From child star to music video innovator, he dominated the 70s and 80s until pop music turned grunge and left him behind. Dude got very strange in recent years, but that doesn't diminish his place in music and pop culture history. I've spent over an hour looking for the right video to post here, and in the end decided to leave you with a 1971 television performance my favorite Jackson 5 tune, followed by a very odd clip co-starring MJ along with another recently departed soul, Betty White.

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Georgia said...

It is crazy to me and yes upon hearing the news I had the odd impulse to moonwalk. I agree, despite the very weird factor as of late, nothing can take away what he accomplished.